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Durability and dependability are the key features of this 4x4 crew cab from Toyota. The compact yet powerful nature of the Hilux makes it an ideal platform for an armored security vehicle. The four door crew cab allows for plenty of room for a security detail. With the largest service network of any manufacturer, the Toyota Hilux is an exceptional choice for those operations in remote areas that are in need of a low profile appearance.

Engine: 2.5L TURBO DIESEL, 2494cc, 4-cyl in line, 16v DOHC
Transmission: 5 Speeds Manual, dual range
Brakes: Front: Discs - Rear: Drums
Tyres: 205/70-16, Steel Disc Wheel 6JJ
Suspension: Heavy Duty - Front: Wishbone Rear: Leaf Springs
Wheelbase: 3,085mm
Ground Clearance: 212mm
Weight: 2,600 KG (base armoured Vehicle)
Dimensions: 5,255mm(L) - 1,760mm(W) - 1,810mm(H)
Seats: 6seats - Front: 3 - Rear: 3 Seats Bench
Armoring: Passenger Cabin CEN B6 and Gun Box CEN B4

■ Hutchinson run flat devices fitted in all vehicles’ tires, including spare
■ Steel-case fuel tank protection
■ Vehicle battery and ECM armor protection
■ Engine bay flank armor protection
■ Driver side power-operated window
■ Large door frame overlaps
■ Heavy Duty door hinges, designed and manufactured by Streit for extended longevity and easy maintenance
■ Reinforced door pillars and posts, Heavy Duty door travel retainers
■ Concealed firing ports located in rear passenger doors window area
■ Suspension components are reinforced as necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle

Streit Group - Armored Vehicles Manufacturer