About Us

STREIT Group is a world-leading privately-owned armored vehicle manufacturer, with more than 30 years of industry experience. We are recognized globally as one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the entire industry.

From our humble beginnings in 1992, today we continue to grow steadily. We have 5 state-of-the-art production facilities and proudly employ a strong, expert workforce, of more than 1,200 people worldwide.

The wide variety of vehicles we produce are carefully designed to provide full and effective protection
in all situations. Our vehicles include Armored Personnel Carriers, MRAPS, Cash-In Transit, Luxury, Bespoke Luxury, and Security vehicles.

All our vehicles undergo internationally recognized ballistic and impact testing, with STANAG 3 certification for military tactical vehicles and VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 for luxury and special purpose vehicles. We are proud to be the leading provider of innovative security solutions with a 100% safety record.

Our vehicles are deployed by armed forces globally and are trusted to help save the lives of people around the world in high-risk situations.

    Chairman’s Message

    At STREIT Group, through innovation and quality service, we strive to achieve new milestones every year that fulfill market requirements in the defense industry. The most important key factor of our success is based on our corporate governance and the internal culture we have adopted. For us, the most important achievement is customer safety, through our customized quality products, and customer satisfaction.

    Since 1992, the STREIT Group has traveled a path of steady growth and development together with a continuously expanding product range through R&D, stakeholders, market share, and worldwide production capacity. Our armored vehicles are deployed in Africa, Middle East, Asia, the Americas, and Eastern Europe.

    STREIT is defined by a set of principles that have been adopted by its leadership and is part of its culture. Those principles are Corporate Social Responsibility, Integrity, targeting a niche market, and standing as an independent manufacturer.

    After observing recent threats and increased security disturbances in the Middle East and African regions, we have implemented new initiatives on a Group-wide basis to strengthen our corporate governance in line with our aspiration and firm determination to become a truly global company. Going forward, we will continue to improve our transparency and dynamic response to change to enable STREIT to be a company eminently trusted by its stakeholders worldwide. STREITs’ corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to customer needs and requirements. Every day our armored vehicles help to save the lives of people around the world in high–risk situations.

    I offer my thanks to the members of the STREIT family working together devotedly in line with a single objective and wish our nation and world days full of peace, health, and welfare. I hope that the future brings prosperity to all of the STREIT family, customers, business partners, and employees.


    Guerman Goutorov

    Chairman of STREIT Group

    Vision & Mission


    The mission of STREIT Group is to develop and manufacture armored vehicles designed for maximum survivability and mobility in combat situations. STREIT Group does it through breakthrough armoring technologies and vehicle concept research and development. By constantly improving armoring capabilities and solutions we increase the safety of our vehicles and of those whose job it is to be in the front line. We are continuously developing our product ranges and services to provide innovative 360’ security solutions.


    We will continue to develop and sustain our vision of 360’ security solutions that formulate and implement value-added services for our customers, provide advanced technologies, system integration, and deliver flexible military capabilities.

    STREIT History

    In 1992 Guerman Goutorov, together with a handful of tools, a rented garage, and overextended credit, started STREIT Group. Guermans’ vision was to create safe, innovative, and cost-effective armored vehicles. Today STREIT has evolved into a world-leading armored vehicle manufacturer that employs a workforce of more than 1,200 people across 5 production plants around the world, with a capacity to produce more than 500 armored vehicles per month.

    STREIT broke ground on Phase 3 of the UAE expansion in 2020 with completion expected by November 2022. The 3rd Phase consists of a tactical training area, bespoke driving facility, gymnasium, classrooms, tactical assault tower, medical wing, and 360′ VIP viewing platform.

    STREIT Saves Lives

    STREIT’s armored vehicles are designed to be versatile, effective, and most importantly safe. Our vehicles have withstood countless attacks over the years from sniper and attempted assassinations of VIPs to improvised explosive devices. STREIT’s bulletproof vehicles feature full armoring with internationally certified ballistic steel and are designed to withstand external ballistic and blast threats. All vehicles’ tires are fitted with run-flats and bead lock systems which allow the vehicle to maneuver out of the danger zone even if the tires are destroyed.