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Chairman’s Message 2019-10-29T08:18:33+00:00
guerman goutorov

Chairman’s Message

At STREIT, we always strive to achieve another milestone every year added in the history of our journey, with our innovations and services by fulfilling market requirements and the opportunities in the defense industry. The most important key factor of our success is based on our corporate governance and the internal culture we have adopted. For us, the most important achievement is customer’s safety with our customized quality products and on top of that is customer’s satisfaction. This simple target makes all stakeholders satisfied, content and gives them more confidence to believe in STREIT.

From Global perspective, we can proudly say that we have left behind a very challenging competition and started a new era, full of determination and passion to compete for all negativities, such as vicious acts of terrorism in the region, coup attempt, subsequent operational rumors and production challenges through our research and development. Being the market leader, STREIT is going through the effects of all these phenomena.

For more than 25 years, since its foundation in 1992, the STREIT Group has traveled a path of steady growth and development together with a continuously expanding product range through our R&D, Stakeholders, market share and production capacity worldwide. Our armored vehicles are deployed in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Americas and Eastern Europe.

STREIT has been defined by a set of some principles that have been adopted by its leadership and endeavors to part of its culture. Those principles are Corporate Responsibility, Integrity, targeting a niche market and standing as an independent manufacturer. STREIT believes in red ocean strategy by representing its niche product range to the customer and stands alone as an independent manufacturer to kill competition.

After observing recent threats and inclined security disturbance in the Middle East and African region we have implemented new initiatives on a Group-wide basis to strengthen our corporate governance in line with our aspiration and firm determination to become a truly global company. Going forward, we will continue to improve our transparency and dynamic response to change to enable STREIT to be a company eminently trusted by its stakeholders worldwide after the increasing security situation in the Middle East and African region. STREITs’ corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to customer needs and requirements. Every day our armored vehicles help to save lives of people around the world in high – risk situations.

I offer my thanks to the members of STREIT Family working all together devotedly in line with a single objective for many years and wish our nation and world days full of peace, health, and welfare. I hope that future brings prosperity to all of STREIT family, customers, business partners, and employees.



Guerman Goutorov,
Chairman of STREIT Group