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Aircraft Assault Spartan

///Aircraft Assault Spartan

Aircraft Assault Spartan

STREIT Groups’ Aircraft / Building Assault vehicle is developed for the hostage rescue and effective terrorist attack suppression. Based on Spartan Armored Personnel Carrier, the vehicle features full body armoring with certified ballistic steel and is designed to resist external ballistic threats. Intended for Special Forces, SWAT, Police and other tactical units the special ramp system purposely made to access aircraft doors, double-deck buses or buildings. The vehicle’s chassis, suspension and brake system are fully upgraded to support the full armor weight and maximize performance with wheel and tires fitted with a run-flats and bed lock systems. The vehicle’s interior can be fully customized for the customer’s specific requirements.

Engine Type

4.6 Diesel or 5.7 Petrol


Automatic or Manual




232hp to 381hp

Fuel Capacity

93 L or 138 L


Length:4942mm Width:1850mm Height:2165mm

Steel-case fuel tank protection

Electrical batteries armoring

Door frame/glass frame overlaps

Reinforced door hinges; designed for extended longevity and easy maintenance

Reinforced door pillars and posts

Suspension components are reinforced as necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle

Capsule body design

Customizable to 3-5 doors

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