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Alligator 6×6 is a tactical armored vehicle with advanced ballistic and blast protection, ensuring crew survivability in the modern day battle field. Alligator can be used as a platoon strength troop carrier, 8 dismounts and a commander and driver and can also be configured as a command and control platform, forward observation vehicle (FOO) or in a convoy support role. STANAG 4569 Level 4 armoring means Alligator can protect against mine strikes and IED blast and can be fitted with ceramic or composite plates for even greater protection. With the option to make Alligator amphibious and fitting the optional CBRN filtration system, Alligator is a truly multi environment vehicle.

Engine Type

8.9 L Turbo Diesel


6 Speed Automatic


1375mm + 2000mm


400 hp at 2100 rpm

Fuel Capacity

200L + 200L


Length:6515mm Width:2820mm Height:2770mm

All round situational cameras

Driver thermal sight

Driver and commander interchangeable periscopes

Optional remote weapon station

Manual or automatic smoke grenade launchers

Hydraulic rear drop down door

Smoke Granade launcher

Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)



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