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Armored Bentley Mulsanne

///Armored Bentley Mulsanne

Armored Bentley Mulsanne

STREIT Group’s Armored Bentley Mulsanne is an ultimate expression of performance and luxury. The state-of-the-art vehicle offers peerless comfort, exquisitely handcrafted to create a unique environment featuring unparalleled armored protection and capability to resist external ballistic threats. Vehicle’s OEM components such as suspension and brake system are fully upgraded to support full weight of armor without compromising the vehicle’s performance. The high capacity wheel and tire assembly comprise of built-in run-flats and bead lock systems. In addition to the left hand drive vehicle, STREIT Group can offer right hand drive upon request.

Engine Type

6.75L V8







Fuel Capacity



Length:5,575mm Width:1,926mm Height:1,521mm

Five side armoring of passenger compartment

Stitch-welded using high-intensity MIG welders

Anti-spall shield protecting against shattering glass

Armor overlap at all doors to prevent penetration through door posts and pillars

Hutchinson run-flat devices fitted in all vehicle’s tires including spare wheel

Steel-case fuel tank protection

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