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Bentley Continental GT Coupé

///Bentley Continental GT Coupé

Bentley Continental GT Coupé

STREIT makes one of the best cars in the world even better. This is no ordinary Bentley. Through ingenious engineering, STREIT allows the Bentley GT W12 to reach extraordinary new heights. The weight reductions such as lightweight carbon fibre components and a titanium exhaust, coupled with enhanced engine power to over 705HP offers an incredible driving experience for the luxury sports car enthusiast. This is the ultimate Bentley for those who need something exceptional. STREIT has undertaken a complete transformation of the interior combining the very latest technology with beautiful handcrafted artisan materials. Interior fabric colour, wood and finish can be personalised to meet the individual needs of the client. From every angle the aesthetics have been meticulously enhanced. Nappa leather sits alongside precious metals, each element complementing the rest. The dedicated STREIT finishing team ensures that attention to even the smallest details results in an unsurpassed finish.

Engine Power



Produced using Carbon Prepreg in Vacuum/Autoclave technique. Hardened at over:120°C and 3 bar.


The finest materials coupled with Italian Nappa leather combined to create an atmosphere of luxury and exuberance.


ARES Carrozzeria ultra light 22 inch forged wheels.

Top Speed

>340 km/h

0-100 Km/h

3.6 sec

Overview / Complete Car

– ARES Carrozzeria Body Kit in premium quality carbon fibre: Front bumper / Rear bumper / Rear diffuser / Sideskirts / Front grille
– Front aerodynamic splitter.
– Hood cooling outlets with custom designed inserts.
– Exclusive ARES Carrozzeria ultra light 22 inch forged wheels.
– Engine performance upgrade through electronic control unit modification delivering 705HP.
– Titanium sports exhaust system: titanium exhaust muffler and tailpipe.
– Full interior modification and materials upgrade: Custom made sports steering wheel incorporating precious material inserts / hand crafted artisan interior panels made from the finest materials / custom made Nappa leather interior and upholstery with inserts.
– Fully EU homologated and 12 month warranty on all ARES modifications.


– Set of exclusive ARES Carrozzeria 22 inch forged wheels.

Additional parts available (price upon request)

– ECU upgrade to >705HP.
– Titanium sports exhaust system.
– Hood custom designed details.
– Fully EU homologated and 12 month warranty on all ARES modifications.
* Parts compatible with all actual Coupé and Cabrio, V8 and V12 models.

Parts include:
– ARES Carrozzeria Body Kit in carbon fibre: Sideskirts / Front bumper / Front grille / Rear bumper / Rear diffuser.
– Front aerodynamic splitter.

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