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BIDEC 2019: Streit Group a leader in the manufacturing of APC Armored Personnel Carrier

//BIDEC 2019: Streit Group a leader in the manufacturing of APC Armored Personnel Carrier

BIDEC 2019: Streit Group a leader in the manufacturing of APC Armored Personnel Carrier

Streit Group, a manufacturer of wheeled armored vehicles continues to increase its business activity in the Middle East and Africa showcasing its full range of wheeled APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) at BIDEC 2019, the Bahrain International Defense Exhibition.

STREIT Group is one of the world’s leading, privately owned armored vehicles manufacturer that established in 1992. By the successful years through endeavors and commitment, STREIT turned into massive market leader with 12 state-of-the-art production facilities and 25 offices worldwide. STREIT vehicles have withstood countless attacks over the years.

At BIDEC 2019, Streit Group presents four types of wheeled APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) and one Lexus SUV with armor protection.

Streit Group has developed and manufactured more than 25 models of wheeled APC in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 configurations. STREIT’s armored vehicles are designed to be versatile, effective and most importantly safe.

Streit Group vehicles have withstood countless attacks over the years from sniper and attempted assassinations of VIPs to improvised explosive devices. STREIT’s bulletproof vehicles feature full armoring with internationally certified ballistic steel and are especially designed to withstand external ballistic and blast threats. All vehicles tires are fitted with run-flats and bead lock systems which allow the vehicle to maneuver out of danger zone even if the tires are destroyed.

At BIDEC 2019, visitors can see Cobra, Spartan and two variants of the Python wheeled APCs. The Cobra is a versatile APC based on the Toyota land Cruiser 200 series, a combination of ballistic steel monocoque body, mild steel inner floor and under-body blast protection. The Cobra has a crew of two including driver and commander and can accommodate 8 military personnel.

The Spartan is one of the most popular vehicles in the Streit Group APC family. The vehicle is based on the FORD F550 with a fully re-designed and chassis-mounted body by Streit design and development. The Spartan is a new generation of Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) which can be configured in various models to support a wide range of military, counter-terrorism and police operations and has the off-road capability to cope with some of the most difficult terrains.

Python is a new generation of armored support utility vehicle (SUT) developed by STREIT Group that was launched in February 2018. The lightweight structure of the Python SUT is based on a Toyota commercial chassis offering high-mobility in all-terrain conditions. It has a crew of two and the troops compartment can accommodate up to 8 military personnel. The hull of the Python SUT offers ballistic protection CEN-B6 level against the firing of small arms 7.62 mm caliber all-around the vehicle.

STREIT Group new Lexus SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) sets the standard for ultimate luxury with superior off-road mobility and major towing capability. With a powerful a 5.7-liter, 383hp V8 engine the vehicle delivers excellent power and performance with the new level of refined style and comfort. The vehicle’s OEM components such as suspension and brake system are fully upgraded to support the full weight of armor without compromising the vehicle’s performance. The high capacity wheel and tire assembly comprise of built-in run-flats and bead lock systems. In addition to the left-hand drive, STREIT Group can offer right-hand drive Lexus LX 570 upon request.

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