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Cobra -LAMV

Cobra -LAMV

Cobra Light Armored Multipurpose Vehicle is intended for law enforcement and paramilitary branches for the transportation of troops in hostile environments. The CEN 1522 FB6 level protection LAMV is designed to offer an ideal combination of protection, mobility and payload, the compact size and mobility makes the Cobra suitable for urban environments as well as semi-rural operations. The standard vehicle comes in a three-door configuration, which offers seating for the driver, commander and a crew of six in the rear, it also can be customized in five-door variants and Vehicle Borne Assault System (VBAS) for buildings and aircraft assault. Superior ballistic protection is offered by the armored hull, while the floor can resist under-body blasts and grenade fragmentation. The protection features can be further enhanced by optionally adding ceramic or composite add-on plates, blast mitigation floor mats, and anti-riot mesh protection.

Engine Type

4.5L / 4.6L


Automatic / Manual

Armoring Level

CEN Level B6


232 / 304 hp

Fuel Capacity

90L + 45L

Fuel Type

Diesel / Petrol


Length:5402mm Width:1942mm Height:2182mm



Drive Configuration

Selectable 4x4


2 + 8 = 10


Front - Independent double-wishbone with coil-springs, stabilizer bar and shock absorbers Rear - live axle with leaf spring suspension and shock absorbers

Steel-case fuel tank protection

Electrical batteries armoring

Reinforced door hinges designed for extended longevity and easy maintenance

Door frame/glass frame overlaps

Capsule body design

Reinforced door pillars and posts

Customizable to 3-5 doors

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