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Research & Development

STREIT Group Research & Development department is dedicated to developing the best and most innovative designs and armoring techniques in the industry, with quality, safety, and security the main objectives of the team.

The state-of-the-art research, design, and development department is based in the Ras Al Khaimah, UAE facility, covers 4000m, and has a team consisting of professional engineers, ex-military professionals, chemical engineers, quality engineers, technicians, skilled trainers with composite manufacturing experience, and expert designers.

The R&D team is developing Commercial, Security, and Military armored vehicles, with a focus on lightweight ballistic solutions for mobility and comfort.

The team has rigorously worked on developing safe and reliable armoring solutions and offers a range of vehicles suitable for different parts of the world where the end-user can face extreme climate conditions.

The team regularly upgrades existing vehicle ranges with new technical innovations, as well as feedback from our clients, while developing for the Special Forces, police departments, and security agencies around the world.


Concept Design

Concept designs are developed by carefully monitoring international market trends and engineering development of materials, components, and applications. The concept designs are approved by discerning clients when required.

Concept Realization & Production Engineering

Once concepts are approved, the design engineers set to work turning the concept into an engineering masterpiece. Dedicated production engineers work side by side with the R&D designers, manufacturing team, and technicians to develop a turnkey solution for mass production. This includes processes to international standards, jigs, fixtures, and procedures.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the manufacturing stage, quality assurance methods are implemented to ensure that a quality product is delivered at the end. The Quality Control procedures are also written during this process and the prototype vehicle is checked. Once completed, the prototype vehicles are rigorously tested at our testing facility. Vehicles are tested for ability, reliability, functionality, comfort, and safety. This in-house capability gives engineers the ability to rectify any problems found in a very short turnaround time.


A complete production plan and product is the final deliverable. This is handed over to the STREIT production facility where the vehicles are manufactured in an ongoing production line.