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EOD / IED Operator Modules 2019-12-16T11:17:07+00:00

EOD / IED Operator Modules

The purpose of this program is to provide students with knowledge, skill set and hands on experience necessary for safe and efficient performance during EOD operations as well as operational employment of STREIT SHRECK explosive ordnance disposal vehicle. All courses meet international requirements laid out by governing bodies for EOD bomb disposal: UK MOD, NATO standards, International Mine Action (IMAS) and the European Union EOD competency standards (CEN). Internationally recognized certification will be issued accordingly. The courses are taught by experienced Tier 1 & 2 former Military and Police EOD Instructors.

  • Explosive theory

  • EOD task management

  • Storage, transportation and handling of explosives

  • Battle area clearance

  • EOD search operations