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Fiona 6×6-MRAP

///Fiona 6×6-MRAP

Fiona 6×6-MRAP

Fiona 6×6 is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected / MRAP suitable for use as a military urban patrol vehicle and medium to heavy rural terrain platform. The vehicle incorporates advanced protection features and offers superior off-road mobility with integral tire inflation system. Fiona can be deployed on all types of mounted infantry troop movement such as long range patrols, convoy support and escort duties and is large enough to be configured to form a command and control unit or medical evacuation platform. The vehicle offers its occupants protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 2, the vehicles crew capacity consists of a driver, commander, 8 dismounts and a gunner.

Engine Type

Caterpillar C9 Heavy Duty, 6 Cylinders In-Line, 7.2 L, Turbocharched DXi


Caterpillar CX28 (6 Speed Automatic gearbox)


3600mm + 1400mm


330 hp at 1900 rpm

Fuel Capacity



Length:7474mm Width:2696mm Height:3200mm

Wall or Glass gun-ports

Universval roof gun mount ring

Roof turret for standard 0.50 Cal machine gun

Gun holders

Additional lights

Upgraded Air conditioning system

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