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For mission specific tasks such as peacekeeping operations convoy escort, EOD, Ambulance, Urban or Border patrolling, Gepard – ASV armored security vehicle is a modular vehicle which is completely flexible and adaptable for such tasks.Its impressive power generated by a 6.7L v8 Ford ensures power and resilience through all terrains. Gepard has enough capacity of 8 crew member including driver and commander but the best part is that seating configuration can be adjusted as per requirement of client.
Gepard – ASV weighs 7.6 ton and can carry a payload of up to 1.5 ton. Gepard offers protection against all small arms, hand grenades, and fragmentation with its standard CEN B6 protection level. Gepard – ASV is capable of carrying both remote and manual weapon systems.The Gepard – ASV is a powerful and versatile vehicle which is easily adapted for production to comply with mission specific requirements.

Engine Type

6.7L V8


6 Speed Automatic




300 hp at 2800 rpm

Fuel Capacity

151L + 105L


Length:6264mm Width:2458mm Height:2384mm

Streit Design structural integrated armored body

Armoring conversion as per CEN level B6

Off-road capabilities and affordable cost

Alternatively can be fitted with either manned or remotely controlled

weapon station holding up to 12.7 mm MG or 40mm AGL

Suitable for Vehicle Borne Assault system installation(either manual or hydraulic one)

Capable of carrying both remote and manual weapon systems.

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