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Bozena Riot-control Shield

///Bozena Riot-control Shield

Bozena Riot-control Shield

Bozena Riot-control Shield is designed to control riots in streets and urbanized areas and to protect the law-enforcement units in action whenever peace maintenance is required. The system is intended predominantly for the special military and police units responsible for the crowd control during the violent political/social demonstrations, etc. In principle, Bozena Riot-control Shield is the well protected and easy deployable barrier which can be flexibly used in favour of actual operational needs as a tool to direct or disperse gathered crowds into desired areas or directions or to block entirely narrow street and to create safe and effective access control to protected areas, etc…


5 000 mm

Width :

2 230 mm


2 490 mm

Rated maximum load

4000 kg


12,100 KG

Power output

125  hp


JCB Eco Max T4 4.41 Diesel

Maximum speed

40 km/h

Maximum lift height

7 m

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