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AAD 2018

The 4×4 Armored vehicle Falcon (Streit Group )


The 4X4 Falcon armored vehicle can be used (ease of integration) for a wide range of missions such as convoy escorts, counterterrorism operations, border patrols and peacekeeping operations. Its ballistic protection levels BR6 / BR7 (7.62 x 39 mm API) and 2 at the NATO STANAG against mines are average. Its diesel engine of 6.7 liters of displacement of 385 hp, coupled with an automatic gearbox Allison 3000 allows good performance in all terrain.

La version présentée lors d’AAD transporte deux membres d’équipage et sept soldats. Coté armement, Le véhicule dispose d’une circulaire pour le montage d’une mitrailleuse ou d’un lance-grenades automatique. Plusieurs trappes de tir permettent de tirer sous protection.