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A company from the UAE Streit Group presents its new auxiliary machine Python-SUT at the Eurosatory 2018 in Paris (France). Python-SUT is a new armored vehicle that is based on the Toyota chassis platform.

The Streit Group (External Pe6A, Stand A480) is showing two of its latest wheeled armoured vehicles. As with its other products, these have been developed using internal R&D funding for the export market, with production being undertaken in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East or Asia depending on where the end user is located. The first of these is the Gepard Armoured Security Vehicle (ASV, pictured), which has enabled Streit to expand its range of wheeled armoured vehicles even further. Gepard is stated to have a high level of off-road capability and is powered by a 6.7-litre V-8 turbocharged diesel engine coupled to a fully automatic transmission. A 6.8 litre V-8 petrol engine is an option.

The second vehicle is the Python-SUT (Support Utility Transport), which is based on a Toyota 4×4 platform for which spare parts are available from a well-established worldwide dealership. Python-SUT is stated to already be in production with undisclosed customers and typically has a crew of four including the driver, but a version with increased capacity is also available.

The gross vehicle weight of the Python is being quoted as 5,520kg, of which 800kg is the payload. Ballistic protection is to CEN Level BR6 and blast protection to 2 x DM51 grenades, but higher levels of ballistic and mine protection are available.

As usual, a wide range of options is available, including a five-door version, run-flat tyres, a remote weapon station, a self-recovery