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IDEX 2019: Streit Group unveils Salamander 8×8 amphibious armored vehicle

Streit Group Company unveils a new 8×8 amphibious armored vehicle dubbed Salamander at IDEX 2019, the international defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Streit Group continues to develop new combat vehicles according to the needs of modern military and security forces.

The Streit Group Salamander has been especially designed to be used for various missions including peace keeping operations and convoy escort.

The design of the Salamander is very unique with the crew, troop’s compartment and engine at the rear with a low profile silhouette. There is two large bulletproof windows at the front. The troops can enter and leave the vehicle from one door located on each side of the hull.

The Salamander is motorized with a Kamaz 8.9 Turbo Diesel engine coupled to a 8 speed manual transmission. This vehicle is fully amphibious and propelled in the water at a maximum speed of 10 km/h by a single water jet mounted at the rear of the hull.

The Salamander has a crew of two and the rear part of the hull can accommodate 8 troops. The roof of the vehicle can be fitted with different type of weapon station. The vehicle showed at IDEX was fitted with one remotely operated weapon station armed with one 7.62mm machine gun.

The Salamander can be protected up to Level 3 STANAG 4569 to provide protection against firing of small arms 7.62mm caliber at a range of 30m and blast of 8 kg mine explosion under the wheels and the body of the vehicle.

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