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STREIT and Saudi Groups launch the new Masmak-2



At IDEX 2023 Streit unveiled five new vehicles, the Masmak-2 being based on cooperation with Saudi Groups. The UAE company, which celebrates in 2023 its 30th anniversary, has produced some 120 armoured vehicle models, the Masmak-2 being an evolution of the Masmak-1 that according to the company fully satisfied the need of its customers.

According to Guerman Goutorov, the founder and owner of Streit, it was time to renew the Masmak, and this was done in full cooperation with Saudi Groups, the aim being that of increasing protection, power and to gain more space inside. “We are establishing a joint venture in Saudi Arabia, investing 100 million US$, the facility being purposely build to produce the new generation Masmak,” he told EDR On-Line, the new complex being raised at the outskirts of Riyadh, in the industrial area. Cooperation with the Saudi company started since the design phase, the prototype having already been thoroughly tested.

“Saudi forces are going for MRAPS,” Mohammed Al-Mutary, President and CEO of Saudi Groups told EDR On-Line, underlining that the vehicle range of 1,200 km at 80 km/h is unmatched by other vehicles of its category, this also thanks to the 430 litres fuel tank. This, as well as all major subsystems like engine and transmission, is fully protected. The V-shaped bottom hull ensures Level 4 a/b protection according to STANAG 4569 and can withstand a side blast of 50 kg TNT equivalent at 5 meters distance. The baseline ballistic protection is Level 3, but it can be increased to Level 4 with an add-on kit.

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The bottom hull is made in 440 BHN steel, however the rest of the hull is made of 600 BHN steel. “In the past this could not be bent, but new steels of that kind can be bent and be used for structural elements, hence the new vehicle is made with a single plate,” Mr Goutorov points out. As for the floor he details that in fact the underbelly is made of three floors, the inner one being a floating floor which decouples the soldiers’ feet from the blast energy. The protected cabin can host the two-man crew and eight dismounts, the rear layout being configurable. The crew access the vehicle via two front-hinged doors, while transported soldiers can enter and debus via two rear-hinged side doors and two rear doors. Firing ports are provided under the three armoured windows on the sides of the Masmak-2 and in the rear doors.

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The Masmak-2 is 6.4 meters long, 2.54 meters wide and 2.85 meters high, no indication on mass being provided. It is powered by a 6-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine providing 450 hp, coupled to an automatic transmission, which gives the vehicle a maximum speed of around 150 km/h. The vehicle has a permanent 4×4 drive with differential locks, and is fitted with heavy duty independent suspensions. It can climb a 70% slope forward and a 60% one backwards, and travel on a 40% side slope, static and dynamic. It can climb a 500 mm high step, forward and backward, overcome a 900 mm ditch, and ford a 1,000 mm deep water obstacle without reparation. Departure angle is 40° and approach angle is 41°.

The base vehicle seen at IDEX can of course be declined in various versions, adapting its products to customers needs being a specialty of Streit. Next year, at the World Defense Show in Riyadh, it will quite probably possible to see further evolutions of this vehicle.