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STREIT Group- Another Successful Exhibition Expodefensa 2017

Streit Group Spartan ASV (Armoured Security Vehicle) at ExpoDefensa 2017, Defense and Security Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia.

Streit Group, a Armoured vehicle manufacturer introduces its full range of military and security vehicles at ExpoDefensa 2017, the International Defense and Security Exhibition which takes place in Bogota, Colombia. On its booth, Streit Group showcases the Spartan ASV (Armoured Security Vehicle) one of the flagship product of the Company.

The design of Spartan ASV is divided in three main parts, the engine at the front , crew in the middle and troops compartment at the rear. At ExpoDefensa 2017, the front of the Spartan was fitted with clearing obstacle system which can be used to move obstacles, forcing a door, or to push heavy objects. The Spartan ASV can be used in off-road and urban conditions offering high mobility and protection. It offers a ballistic protection Level B7 maximum, against firing of small arms 7,62mm caliber using armour piercing bullets. The front of the Spartan APC is fitted with two large bulletproof windows, and each side of the hull is also fitted with small bulletproof windows offering 180° observation capacity for the crew from inside of the vehicle. The Streit Group Spartan ASV can be fitted with an armoured open top glass turret. The turret can be armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The glass turret provides 360° view for the gunner’s position, while offering all round protection from enemy fire. The Spartan can also equipped with a remote weapon station which allows the troops to operate the weapon from inside the vehicle with a high degree of precision to protect the gunner from being exposed.

STREIT Corporate Social Responsibility

STREIT Group has taken the initiative to perform its corporate social responsibility towards the community and sociocultural affected areas. STREIT Group is one of largest armored cars manufacturer, with most of the military and commercial armored vehicles production that targets Africa and the Middle East deprived and affected market.

While saving lives of soldiers in war zone and making country’s defense stronger with its robust products, STREIT Group has launched some internal CSR programs being part of its vision that will formulate from now onwards as STREIT values to be incorporated with its mission.

The idea is to make more quality vehicles by investing more on R&D that satisfies not only customers but also the employees with healthy and safe working environment. The CSR part of this plan of action will emphasize on Labor & Human rights within an organization, Health & Safety, supporting local communities, Gender and Nationality based impartiality, Education and Food in countries by contributing from profits. So, the countries that will be buying from STREIT Group will eventually become the part of this CSR program that provokes national interest factor and helping community of that country.

About STREIT Group

STREIT Group is one of the world’s leading, privately owned armored vehicles manufacturers with 12 state-of-the-art production facilities and 25 offices around the world. We produce a vast range of Armored Personnel Carriers, Cash-In-Transit, luxury and personal protection vehicles which are designed to provide effective protection in high-risks situations for more than 24 years and a production facility of more than
2, 000, 000 square feet built up the area and over 2000 employees. More information on armored-cars.com

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