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STREIT Group unveils electric armored vehicle at IDEX-2021

Emirates-based STREIT Group unveiled the Storm, the first of its kind all-terrain electric multi-purpose armoured vehicle (MPV) at the IDEX-2021 arms expo which is currently underway in Abu Dhabi, on Tuesday.

The Storm MPV was designed and developed in the UAE for the military sector, special and police forces, civil defence, rescue operations as well as private customers. It's an all-terrain armoured vehicle on rubber tracks that can drive on sand, snow, rocks in the mountains as well as in water.

It has a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour (18.6 mph) in water and 140 kilometres per hour (87 mph) on land. As a fully electric vehicle the Storm can run for up to three hours in silent mode on batteries without charge and up to 18 hours when powered by a diesel generator, which is available on board. The corps of the newest MPC by the STREIT Group has a low-radar signature and many angles, that provides protection to the crew against gunfire.

American movie star Steven Seagal took part in the presentation of the Storm at IDEX-2021, as a brand-ambassador for the STREIT Group, an armoured vehicle manufacturer originally founded in Canada, which is now headquartered in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.