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Streit Group updates Armoured Checkpoint

Streit Group has expanded the capabilities of its Armoured Checkpoint, which is designed to protect access points of high value infrastructure such as power stations and military facilities.

The baseline Armoured Checkpoint accommodates three personnel and is constructed from all-welded steel armour and outfitted with bullet/splinter-resistant windows. Sliding gun ports are located beneath each window.

It is typically equipped with a roof-mounted cupola that can be armed with a Romanian 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun (MG), but the company has fitted a Digital Bit SRL Agil 127 ERLF remote weapon station (RWS) armed with the widely deployed Russian 12.7 mm DShKM MG.

Another new addition is the French-made Metravib Pilar V acoustic gunshot detection system (AGDS) which is now in series production for the French Army’s new 6×6 Jaguar and Griffon armoured fighting vehicles.

The Pilar V AGDS detects incoming small arms fire and enables the RWS to be automatically slewed to the threat.