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STREIT Marine unveils LC-1040 tactical patrol and intervention craft

According to a press release published by Streit Marine during NAVDEX 2021, the firm displays LC-1040 tactical patrol and intervention craft constructed of high-density polyethylene plastic with an aluminum cabin, with the console armored to BR6 through add-on ballistic plating.

This tactical patrol and intervention landind craft is used for wide range of mission profiles, providing maximum mission-range and crew comfort. Various options available include deck mounting of crew served weapons systems, tactical boarding ladders, FLIR cameras and recording wireless headset communicaiton systems. These boats offer anti-piracy and tactial configurations that are designed to meet each client’s unique mission requirements.

Boat is made of HDPE Hull with an Aluminium Cabin with protected console and an open aft platform. Propulsion is by outboard motors. Vessels is protected by means of add-on B6 plating. LC-1040 has length of 10 m hull and a top speed of 42 kn.