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Mercedes S Class XXL

///Mercedes S Class XXL

Mercedes S Class XXL

The STREIT Mercedes-Benz S-Class XXL is the epitome of representative automobiles. STREIT modifications to the exterior include a stretched and strengthened chassis, individual carbon body parts and tempered glass. The interior treatment delivers a bespoke look and feel beyond the original statemen’s standard. Exquisite materials and optimum space for first class travel is provided to four passengers seated vis a vis in the rear compartment, partitioned from the two seats in the front. Nocturnal blue ambient lighting on the ceiling, enforced individual climate control and, cooling boxes, 17 inch flatscreens, sound system and electric curtains ensure the highest level of private luxury on the road.An additional engine upgrade exceeding 600 HP, exhaust system improvements and STREIT forged wheels turn this S-Class into a luxurious private jet for the road. The highest protection standard on the market complying with the resistance class VR6 / VR7 is also available by STREIT for this vehicle. It provides emergency mobility and an effective defence against military weapons and terrorist attacks including shrapnels and other explosives.

Engine Power

> 600HP


Produced using Carbon Prepreg in Vacuum/Autoclave technique. Hardened at over:120°C and 3 bar.


Interior: Carbon Alcantara and the finest Nappa Italian Leather.


ARES Carrozzeria ultra light 21 inch forged wheels.

Top Speed

250 Km/h

0-100 Km/h

4.8 sec

Overview / Complete Car

– Stretched and strengthened chassis with 304 stainless steel.
– Reinforced chassis structure.
– 6mm thick tempered side glasses.
– Modified transmission.
– Upgraded braking system.
– ARES Carrozzeria Body Kit in premium quality carbon fibre: Front bumper / Rear bumper / Rear diffuser / Sideskirts / Front grille.
– Exclusive ARES Carrozzeria ultra light 21 inch forged wheels.
– Partition between driver and rear compartment.
– Full interior modification and materials upgrade: Custom made sports steering wheel incorporating precious material inserts / hand crafted artisan interior panels made from the finest materials / custom made Nappa leather interior and upholstery with inserts.
– Enforced individual air condition for rear compartment.
– Vis-a-Vis first class seats rear compartment.
– Hands free intercom.
– 8 spotlights rear compartment / nocturnal blue ambiance lighting ceiling / nocturnal blue ambiance lighting side columns.
– Consoles with cooling boxes and glasses storage.
– Fully EU homologated and 12 month warranty on all ARES modifications.

Entertainment System

– 17 inch foldable HD flat screen on the ceiling.
– iPad control for all rear compartment functions.
– Electric curtains.
– Wlan with external antenna.
– Upgraded sound system with 30cm subwoofer and premium 5.1 equalizer

Armouring (extra option)

– B6/B7 DIN EN 1522 and DIN EN 1063.
– Multi layer glass with PC 90° B6, 60° B7.
– Floor DM 51 per m2 splinter guard two hand grenades.
– Roof steel DM 51 per m2 with splinter guard 45° B6 two hand grenades.
– Doors special steel 90° B7.
– Pillars steel with splinter guard 90° B7.
– Side windows glass PC 55-60mm.
– Front and rear window PC 39-40mm.
– Roof steel 6,5mm.
– Doors steel 8,3mm.
– A, B, C columns steel 8,3mm.
– Floor Aramid.
– Fire extinguisher for engine.
– Run flat tire system Brodgar.
– Bomb detector to identify explosives on the car.
– 12 month warranty on all ARES modifications.

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