DHABI is a newly developed MRAP – powerful and with exceptional protection for challenging global environments. DHABI comes standard with all the technological advances of heavy armoring and a solid axis suspension system with good ride stability and comfort. This 4×4 MRAP vehicle is designed using cutting edge technologies to be in the first line of defence. DHABI has a crew capacity of 10, with a Driver, Commander and 8 dismounts. The DHABI’s angled hull helps to deflect blasts waves and debris out and away from the crew compartment. With adaptable blast and ballistic protection to STANAG III with add on plates, DHABI is the most cost-effective MRAP in its category. DHABI 4×4 is approved by customers in varying roles such as a mounted infantry troop carrier, a ground support vehicle for dismounted troops and can be easily configured as command-and-control vehicle, medical evacuation platform or as a long-range border control vehicle.