SHRECK is built on a Kamaz chassis with a 14.86 Ltr. V8 diesel engine producing 330bhp, coupled to a YAMZ 8 speed manual split transmission, which is switchable between high and low ratios to make easy work on all terrain also fitted with dual fuel tanks on either side of the vehicle containing 320l Ltr. of fuel, sufficient enough to carry the SHRECK 600Km terrain dependent. The crew area of the SHRECK can comfortably accommodate ten crew members with a driver and commander in the front compartment. The APC if fitted with a large opening rear door to ease the deployment of troops. SHRECK APC, as with all variants, has been ballistic tested to STANNAG 2 kinetic by an independent testing body. STREIT has developed a highly effective “V” shaped hull on SHRECK, that deflects blast waves and debris away from the vehicle and enabling safe transportation of troops in the most hostile of areas.