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STREIT Group and SAUDI GROUPS, announces the global release of MASMAK – 2 at IDEX 2023. The unveiling marks three significant moments: the first update to MASMAK since its initial release in 2012, the first-ever collaboration between Emirati and Saudi private entities, and establishment of manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia, for production of MASMAK – 2 and other armored and security vehicles.

The announcement will make history as the first product release of a high-end MRAP vehicle with work on a second entity already underway. The successful cooperation reflects strategic, strong, and sustainable UAE-Saudi relations, a feat that will only be underscored when customers in both regions benefit from the newly packaged safety technology.

MASMAK – 2 is a versatile armored vehicle personnel carrier that can be adapted to fit a variety of settings and roles. With a STANAG 4569 Level 4, the vehicle can easily and swiftly perform missions as an armored personnel carrier from 2+8 crew members, battlefield ambulance, and command vehicle in tough rural terrain and perform perfectly as an urban transport in metropolitan areas.

Powered by a 6-cylinder turbocharged intercooled Diesel engine with automatic transmission, the MASMAK – 2 can reach speeds up to 150 km/h with 450 hp. The 430 L of fuel capacity supports up to 1200 km driving range with both RHD and LHD steering orientation, as well as fitting capabilities for 360-degree traversing turret. The heavy-duty independent suspension enables 4×4 drive configuration and armoring with Ballistic L3, upgradable to L4, and mine protection L4a/b. Combined with differential locks and configurable crew seat layouts, MASMAK – 2 is suitable for Vehicle Borne Assault system installation.

With a compact size and mobility suitable for urban environments, MASMAK – 2 is ideal for special operation forces, anti-terror groups, and tactical intelligence teams. Deputy Chairman of Streit Group Ahmed Raza commented on the announcement:

“We have very much enjoyed collaborating with the team at Saudi Groups, and we are thrilled with both the final product and this historic moment for our partnership. We would like to extend our thanks and express excitement ahead of MASMAK – 2 ‘s official launch. We’re confident this top-tier defense solution will save lives around the world.”

“By joining forces with the Streit Group, we’ve successfully pushed MASMAK – 2 to a new level of technological innovation,” said Mohammed Al-Mutairy, President and CEO of Saudi Groups. “This critical collaboration will benefit customers greatly, and we’re looking forward to unveiling the final product on the global stage.

More information about MASMAK – 2 and its release will become available during IDEX 2023 from February 21. For all product queries, please contact sales@saudigroups.com, sales@armored-cars.com

About Streit Group:

Streit Group is a privately owned armored vehicle manufacturer and is considered to be a global leader in the industry, with 30 years of experience. With our 5 state-of-the-art production facilities and an expert workforce of over 1,200 people worldwide, we produce armored vehicles such as armored personnel carriers (APCs), cash-in-transit vehicles, and luxury and security vehicles.


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