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IDEX 2019: Streit Group unveils new vehicles

Streit Group unveiled the Salamander 8×8, Shaman 8×8, and Pangolin demining system at the IDEX defence show being held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 17 to 21 February. The Shaman [...]

20 – 22 January, Dubai

Riot Control Vehicle is especially designed to provide a range of non-lethal options to disperse protestors in situations of civil unrest and violent protest. The vehicle is equipped with powerful [...]

AAD 2018

The 4x4 Armored vehicle Falcon (Streit Group ) The 4X4 Falcon armored vehicle can be used (ease of integration) for a wide range of missions such as convoy escorts, counterterrorism [...]

Streit Group updates Armoured Checkpoint

Streit Group has expanded the capabilities of its Armoured Checkpoint, which is designed to protect access points of high value infrastructure such as power stations and military facilities. The baseline [...]

Defence Forces use STREIT Group armoured vehicles

BIDEC 2017: Bahrain Defence Forces Proudly Showcased STREIT Group manufactured armored vehicles in service STREIT Group, worlds largest armored vehicle manufacturers where at BIDEC 2017 to showcase few of [...]

Re-launch of all New Mighty Cougar 2 from STREIT

JANUARY 2017: Re-launch of all New Mighty Cougar 2 from STREIT In recent times, security situations in 2016 all over Africa and Middle-East region has been observed with growing threats [...]

STREIT Group, Giving Back to humanity

APRIL 2017: STREIT Group, Giving Back to humanity STREIT Group has taken the initiative to perform its corporate social responsibility towards community and socio-cultural affected areas. STREIT Group is one [...]

STREIT Participates at IDEX 2017

FEBRUARY 2017 UAE based armored manufacturing company participated in International Defense Exhibition 2017 earlier this year from FEB 19th to 23rd at Abu Dhabi targeting most of countries in Middle [...]

STREIT Group Special Offers

STREIT Group Special Offers-2017 Due to threat situation around the globe we have observed huge demand of armored vehicles by Government, Private companies and Individuals for VIP protection vehicles. In [...]