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Piranha G-670 is a proven, military-grade rigid inflatable boat designed with a modern yet ultra-power polyethylene HDPE material for maximum stability and non-skid deck for a 6-person crew. Piranha inflatable boats following the most complex set of specifications for the specific mission requirements. These are designed for both shore-based and ship-board operations.. 

With its exceptional durability and manoeuvrability provides a safe and enjoyable journey in the most difficult conditions weather. The Piranha is also fast and responsive, which is ideal for patrol, rescue, and commercial applications. Its multi-chamber, polyurethane tube is exceptionally strong, puncture resistant, UV-coated and provides buoyancy and reduced vessel weight for maximum performance, fuel economy and safety at sea.

Overall length:

6.70 m

Beam :

2.3 m

Height above the waterline



0.9 m

Cornering angle on transom

21 °


1080 KG

Max. Load

1500 KG

Max. engine power

250 HP

Max power of 2 engines

2×125 Hp

Fuel Tank capacity

250 Liters (Armored)

Max. speed

54 Knots

Number of passengers

6 persons


Ballistic Steel (optional)


Flattrack, trailer, truck



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