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Predator Riot Control

///Predator Riot Control

Predator Riot Control

STREIT Group’s Predator is an Armored Crowd Control vehicle with a driver’s compartment armored up to Level FB6 which is able to withstand ballistic and grenade fragmentation threats, with the ballistic glass armored to Level BR6 and protected with an anti-projectile mesh. The Predator is equipped with a state-of the-art command and control system which features 3 remotely controlled water cannons, 2 on the roof and 1 one on the front grill, with a 5000 liter water tank, capable of firing water up to 70M or a paint slug for marking individual rioters, all with independent control system. A large front plough is fitted to remove obstacles in the vehicle path, day and night vision surveillance cameras, a PA system with strobe lights as well as integrated fire suspension system for the protection against Molotov Cocktails. Predator could also be fitted with non-lethal counter measures for hardened situations. Grenade launchers for smoke fire, tear and gas as well as long range sound cannons can be fitted onto the vehicle.

Engine Type



Automatic or Manual




320 hp

Fuel Capacity



Length:7295mm Width:2860mm Height:3850mm

Withstands fire

Special door locks with no handle or hold

Armored cabin and windows

Chassis based on either Mercedes; MAN; IVECO; or Kamaz

Additional lights in cabin room area; aux engine/pump room; rear storage compartment

Centralized Automatic control system

Remotely controlled water cannon features

Automatic control for additional features: CS Gas Cannon/ Dye-color/ Foam

Manufacturer - Ziegler (Germany)

Each cannon includes a search light with wire mesh protection

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