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Why STREIT Armoring is Unique ? 2019-12-28T10:19:25+00:00

Why STREIT Armoring Unique ?

In high-risk situations, feeling protected is paramount. At STREIT Group we choose the best raw material from the most trusted manufacturers world-wide. We specialize in delivering security solutions without compromising safety, quality or passenger comfort. Two types of armoring are used in the vehicle armoring process – transparent and opaque. Transparent armor is used for the windows and consists of dense layered ballistic glass that is laminated to a tough inner spall shield of resilient polycarbonate. Opaque armor is a lightweight composite armor, high – hardened ballistic steel and other specialized ballistic materials.


25 years of Armored Manufacturing Experience

In-house solutions

  • In-house Research & Development
  • In-house Armored Protection Glass Manufacturing
  • In-house distribution Centre

Armored Capsule Design

Capsule Design (Singular piece design avoids penetration)

Engineered to Protect to its best level


Structural Capsule Technology

Positive deformation analysis

Ballistic Steel

Our Vehicles are built with High Quality Ballistic Steel


Certified Welding

Qualified Professionals & Certified Process

Stud Welding

Ballistic Glass

Our In-house Ballistic Glass R&D and Production meet different type of requirements

Premium APG Manufactured Glass


STREIT Armored Vehicle are Tested at NATO Authorized Military Laboratory Lab