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Riot Control

///Riot Control

Riot Control

Riot Control Vehicle is especially designed to provide a range of non-lethal options to disperse protestors in situations of civil unrest and violent protest. The vehicle is equipped with powerful remotely operated multi-directional water cannons and a water tank capacity of 6000 liters. The water cannons are fitted with proportional valves and separate tanks to infuse dyes, foams and other additives. The Riot Control Vehicle has been specifically designed to provide maximum safety for the vehicle’s crew, the vehicles smooth exterior prevents rioters from mounting it and each vehicle is also equipped with 360° tear gas duct system. When used the system will spray tear gas around the vehicle and quickly drive back any rioters to a safe distance. The Riot Control Vehicle has excellent maneuverability and when used effectively the vehicle will quickly disperse even the most unruly crowd, without any fatal injuries.

Engine Type

Mercedes-Benz, 12 L V6 Turbo Diesel


Mercedes-Benz 16 speed manual gearbox





Fuel Capacity

390 L


Length:7,295mm Width:2,860mm Height:3,850mm

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