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SALAMANDER-8×8 Armored vehicle can be deployed for various missions, peace keeping operations and convoy escort. Impressive power and handling makes the SALAMANDER-8×8 equally suited to urban and off-road deployment. The vehicle is designed to carry passengers and cargo on hard-surface roads, dirt tracks, off road and cross wet gaps. The vehicle is intended to operate within -40°C +50°C temperature range and can also be stored in open air. It is indispensable as means of transport in flooded areas and other natural or man-made disaster-stricken areas for evacuating people and carrying rescue equipment. SALAMANDER-8×8 can be fitted with RCWS, night-vision high speed camera fully integrated intercoms systems.

Engine Type

Kamaz Diesel 8.9 Turbo charged


8-Speed Manual




260 bhp / 450 bhp

Fuel Capacity

150/ 150 L


Length:7700 mm Width:2900 mm Height:2500 mm

Fully Insulated Gun Box B6 With Large Windows

Mines Protected Front(STANAG Level 3) Back (STANAG Level 2)

Run flat on all wheels including the spare wheel

Ballistic steel case fuel tank protection

Large cargo space


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