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Delivering a horsepower of 146 and 350Nm torque, the SHAMAN can tackle all sorts of terrains, even water. This amphibious vehicle is ideal for extreme weather conditions. Not to mention its specially designed low-pressure tires allow it to easily travel through marshes, shallow lakes, rivers, and tundra. You never know what sort of obstacles you might encounter, but with a SHAMAN you would be prepared for anything. Due to innovative steering system with three handling options, SHAMAN demonstrates great manoeuvrability and stability on the road. The vehicle can easily move with the speed up to 44 mph. The independent suspension provides comfort when driving off-road.

Engine Type

IVECO 3.0L.Turbo (Diesel)


6-speed Manual




146 Hp

Fuel Capacity

260 L (2x130L)


Length:6300 mm Width:2500 mm Height:2700 mm

Fully amphibious

Hydraulic winch in front


Hermetic boat-formed frame

Stairs and roof rack

Pre-start engine heater

Leather-trimmed steering radio knobs, handles transmission, Parking brake, visor instrument panel.

Automatic wheel inflation

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