Why choose STREIT Group?

STREIT Group is synonymous with safety and life protection; our armored vehicles combine superior performance with leading design and engineering standards.
In addition, our advanced production capabilities, rapid vehicle delivery, and large vehicle product range, make us the perfect solution for any security needs.

    30 Years Of Successful War Zone Experience

    Our vehicles have survived countless attacks and saved many lives over the years, regardless of terrain or weather.

    More Than 1000 Vehicles In Stock At Any Given Time

    We make sure to have stock available in our different factories for emergencies where time is of the essence, and there is no time to wait for production.

    Variety Of More Than 120 Vehicles Models

    We have over 120 vehicle models in stock ensuring we can cater to market demands and our customer’s needs.

    Manufacturing & Supply Chain Standard

    STREIT group maintains high-quality industry-standard manufacturing technics and supply chain standards.

    Internationally Recognized Certifications

    Over the years we have achieved world-recognized industry-standard certifications and maintain high-quality products and services.

    Alliance With The Govt. Clients

    Our vehicles have survived countless attacks and saved many lives over the years, and are trusted by government clients across the globe.

    Thousands Of Vehicles In Active Service Around The World

    We have produced more than 30,000 armored vehicles in the past 30 years with the mission of saving lives in different parts of the world.

    World-Wide Logistics Support 24/7

    To serve our global customers better we strive to have the best logistical support by air, land, or sea with efficient time-frames, door-to-door delivery, and customs clearance.