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STREIT Group Careers Overview

Working with STREIT Group

Streit Group currently employs over 2,000 people in more than 25 countries around the world. With our growing order book, those numbers are set to increase in the future. Our success is based on brilliant people coming together to collaborate, share ideas and inspire each other’s creativity.

Values and culture

Streit Group is renowned for its integrity, reliability and innovation, we believe that everyone who works with us, no matter what their role or which country they are in, has a part to play in maintaining and strengthening our brand. We have nurtured a culture where managers lead by example and our employees are focused and flexible team players. Streit Group is all about performance, it’s about creating high expectations and unlocking potential. It’s about recognizing exceptional contributions and inspiring others to reach the same heights.

Diversity and inclusion

Streit Group is committed to develop a diverse workforce and inclusive environment with equal opportunities. We believe that employing people from different backgrounds and cultures gives us different perspectives. We give people room to think and act differently – with greater speed, agility and creativity. By building a culture of respect and appreciation and by creating an environment in which everyone is free to be themselves, we give every person who works for us the opportunity to realize their full potential.