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Swat Truck-ASV

///Swat Truck-ASV

Swat Truck-ASV

Warrior Armored Personnel Carrier designed primarily for the use by Police, SWAT, Special Response Teams and law enforcement agencies. Based on heavy duty Ford F550 chassis the lightweight design offers an enhanced off-road capability and handling. The vehicle offers superior protection levels up to Level B6 and can be configured with a range of weapons platform options. Seating configuration can be customized, the standard configuration includes a driver, commander and seats for a crew of 8.

Engine Type

6.7L V8, Turbo Diesel






300 hp at 2800 rpm

Fuel Capacity



Length:6721mm Width:2515mm Height:2384mm

STREIT Design structural integrated armored body

Armoring conversion as per CEN level B6

Enhanced climate control system OEM for driver and commander and separate system for crew compartment

Heavy duty bumpers are designed to withstand the damage from ramming obstacles

360 degree traversing turret

7 gun ports

Military standard wheel rims and run-flats

Heavy duty electric winch

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