Course Overview

CSS “Defence & Emergency Training Courses” are designed to enhance the skill sets of the following agencies: Police, Military Units, Special Forces, Private Security, Diplomatic Missions, and Corporate clients.

APC Operator Modules

The purpose of this program is to provide students with a range of new skills for safe and effective armored vehicles driving, as well as an opportunity to learn the factors that can affect the stability of the vehicle; including circumstances that are likely to induce a loss of vehicle control which may be encountered during normal operational duties.

Maintenance & Mechanic

This module aims to provide students with a range of new skills for effective maintenance and service; specifically of STREIT armored vehicles. The courses include hands–on practical field repair and maintenance scenarios on all aspects of the vehicle, engine, drive train, transmission, electronics, etc.

Tactical Medical Courses

The purpose of these courses is to provide all students with the skills for effective execution of “in the field” emergency diagnosis, management, and treatment of life-threatening injuries commonly suffered in hostile and war zones environments where equipment and resources are limited.

Public Order & Riot Control

The courses in this module are designed to cater to all levels of experience from providing novice officers with the skills and knowledge required for effective confrontation and dispersion of a civil disturbance crowd, to reinforcing veteran officer´s knowledge of effective planning and tactical command in the field.

EOD / IED Operator

The purpose of this program is to provide students with the knowledge, skillset, and hands-on experience necessary for safe and efficient performance during EOD operations as well as operational employment of STREIT SHRECK explosive ordnance disposal vehicle.

Rescue & Emergency

The Rescue & Emergency Responder Training Module offers courses designed to train emergency response personnel to safely, efficiently, and effectively perform rescue operations in the event of an emergency.

Maritime Safety & Security

This module aims to provide personnel wishing to work in the Maritime Security industry with the necessary IMO recognized qualifications and skillsets needed to work as a privately contracted armed security officer within the International Maritime Security Industry.