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STREIT’s Triton boats are used for wide range of mission profiles, from fast patrol crafts that provides maximum mission-range and crew comfort to suitable size with many options available including deck mounting of crew serve weapons systems, tactical boarding ladders, FLIR cameras and recording and wireless headset communication systems; Triton boats offers anti-piracy, tactical configurations that are designed to meet each client’s unique mission requirements.

Boat Type:

Military Armored Compact Vessel

Length :

8.5 m


2.32 m



0.85 m

Cornering angle on transom

21 °

No. of passengers

Max. 10


Minimum Crew


Max. Load

1300 KG

Boat Weight without Engine

3700 kg


Engine HP

Mercury twin 250 Hp ( 80 Km/h ) Mercury twin 350 Hp ( 100 Km/h )

Max. speed

100 Km/h

Hull Material

HDPE sheets



Ballistic Steel

Fuel Tank capacity

350 Liters (Armored)




It is currently built with 2x250-hp twin engines

but similar version is available with 1x250-hp engines. Each vessel is estimated 3700 KG without engine whereas amazing fuel capacity of 350 litres.

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