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Cougar -LAMV

Cougar -LAMV

Cougar is a small, agile and very capable Armored Personal Carrier with an outstanding on and off road capacity. Designed for high mobility operations, both urban and rural, Cougar can carry a crew of 8, a driver and commander with 6 deployable dismounts. The vehicle is available with standard equipment such as run-flats, air conditioning and 2 point door locks. Optional equipment comprise of recovery winches, towing pintle and ballistic glass protection. Cougar offers a cost effective and reliable platform for a troop carrier. The vehicle can be fitted with a turret, capable of mounting up to a 12.7mm MG. A variety of customer specific remote weapon station can also be added as optional equipment.

Engine Type

4.5L V8 Diesel


5 Speed Manual




265 hp @ 2200 rpm

Fuel Capacity

90L 90L


Length:5352mm Width:2030mm Height:2114mm

Capsule body design with B6 ballistic protection

Roof-mounted 360o traversing turret with perimeter protection and 7.62mm Caliber PKM gun mount assembly

3 gun ports on each side of the vehicle

4-point safety harness for rear occupants

Hutchinson run-flat devices fitted in all vehicles tires including spare wheel

Ballistic steel-case fuel tank protection

Heavy duty front and rear ram bumpers

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