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TLC – 79

//TLC – 79

TLC – 79

The armored Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series designed specifically to perform to its best and to retain off-road capabilities.With protection level of CEN B6, this hardcore vehicle can actually protect from small arms, hand grenades, and fragmentation.With this rigid and robust looks TLC-79 double cab can easily operable in all terrains and can be used in urban or semi-rural areas by border patrol or security forces team on specialized missions or at immediate action crime scene.
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Steel-case fuel tank protection

Reinforced door hinges

Electrical batteries armoring

designed for extended longevity and easy maintenance

Door frame/glass frame overlaps

Reinforced door pillars and posts

Capsule body design

Customizable to 3-5 doors

Suspension components are reinforced as necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle

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